Finally,  John met the love of his life, Anita Del Favero, who is also an accomplished metalsmith and jeweler who owned and operated Your Jeweler's Bench in Farmington Hills. They married in1994 and within a short time the John McMartin Jewelry Arts Gallery blossomed into being. The jewelry gallery on Main Street was closed during the firms 50th year, allowing John & Anita to help her aging parents in Honduras.

Ellen and Howard had two children, Trudy and John.  John McMartin, after a few years at the GM Proving Grounds found it necessary to return to work at McMartin's after Howard was stricken with health problems that unfortunately, were fatal. John restarted his career with an emphasis on jewelry bench skills and gems that helped the firm move towards the artistic emphasis of it's later years. He mentored under master jewelers from Canada, Gene and Glen Meadows. These kind father figures helped  John to "prove his salt" as a jeweler. With time, John found the love of design, gemology, travel and photography. He developed each of these skills to the best of his ability.

This is the building on the corner of Commerce and Main Street built by Oliver St John, a jeweler, in 1871. The second jewelry firm in this building was owned by the McMartin family. McMartin's Jewelry & Gifts was founded in1955 by Howard & Ellen McMartin.

Howard McMartin, a watchmaker, was trained by the Army Air Force in the repair of aviation instruments and was stationed in England during WWII.  This experience brought Howard to a high level of competence in his watch work and he was the top watchmaker at Wright-Kay Jewelers before coming to Milford.

Time Capsule

circa 1958

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